The Third Ending Chapter 10

Dudeee, tell me he’s cuteee~ He’s such a mood though, so confident. I love it! ♥

Anyways, here you go guys~ Chapter 10 as I promised!^^ Hope you guys are reading some other wholesome (or spicy, tehe) BL >.<

The Third Ending Chapter 9

Nyaaaa, why is the uke so damn cute when he smiles! >.< Well, both the uke and seme are cute, so that’s all that matters to me , hehe~ ♥

The Third Ending Chapter 8

The Third Ending Chapter 7

The Third Ending Chapter 6

Ahhhhh this chapter is too cute omggg, I don’t want to spoil it for the people who haven’t read it yet, but omgg I got all giddy!!!